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SURFERS - Tell your board shops that you want to have the Shapeshifter Technology on you new board. Turn one board into seven!
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Produced by Zach Griffin


Shapeshifter Technology was created to bring a full functioning, interchangeable tail block system to surfers all over the world. The system had to be conceptually sound, lightweight, and easy to use, and it had to be affordable!  David Barr dreamed about building this system years ago, and now his dream is your reality. Changing tail designs is the best way to adapt your board to handle the always changing surf spots and conditions. Not only can you change the way your board rides and feels in seconds, but you can do this for a fraction of the cost of buying another board.  And when you’re traveling with your Shapeshifter, you now have one board with the ability to shift into multiple designs - your virtual one-board quiver!

Shapeshifter truly is the world’s most versatile surfboard!