The Story of Shapeshifter and our Patented Technology

Shapeshifter surfboard technology is truly designed with one word in mind, efficiency!  From the simple lightweight interfacing design that keeps all components of the board in proper position, fins, leash plug, traction pad all while being surfed with or without the tail blocks installed.

The true emphasis on performance is how efficient the water releases or exits the tail end of the surfboard while being ridden. Different wave types and conditions are the main factors for selecting a tail design to maximize efficiency and performance.


In small less powerful surf you want to have a shorter rail line to shorten the turning radius and eliminate drag to enhance speed and maneuverability rail to rail.

The diamond tail is the quickest most responsive tail in all conditions.

In larger surf, the polar opposite is in order.  You want to elongate and pull a longer rail line which lengthens the turning radius and gives your board more hold to leverage the powerful conditions.

The round pin and swallow are the recommended tail designs for these conditions.

The squash tail falls between the diamond and the swallow from a performance standpoint. The softer rounded template allows for super smooth and flowing rail-to-rail transitions.

This is why the squash is the most popular tail design today.

The asymmetric tails give you a longer rail line on the wave face side giving your board more drive down the line, while the softer rounded side gives you buttery smooth maneuverability in your off the tops, round house cutbacks and other transition moves.

The asymmetric tails are wave specific, geared towards rights or lefts.

Go Tail Less!  By removing the tailblock and moving the fins into the forward plug position, you have made your board 2–3" shorter, moving the wide point 2" back and increasing the planning area by 1" in the tail.  These design changes shorten the length of the rail line and the turning radius of your board.

Going Tail Less turns your board into the perfect small wave machine!

The beauty of the Shapeshifter technology is the ability to have so many performance attributes in one board.  Use it as a tool to cover the spectrum of specific design needs in the always changing surf conditions.  Use it to keep your surfing fresh with the ability to get so many different design elements in one board.  Use it as a tool to educate yourself in the simple but complex world of surfboard design.  Use it to just have fun!

Happy Surfing,

David Barr